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15th August 2023


Holeshot Racing’s Jarrod 'Jack' Frost has set a new record for a standing start mile on a turbo Hayabusa, with a speed of 274.926mph.

Frost’s record-breaking run was set last week at Elvington on his Quattro Plant-sponsored, modified Hayabusa, which retains the standard crankcases and original bore and stroke, but uses Carillo ‘rods, CP pistons, and Kent Performance cams with a ported cylinder head, Inconel valves with heavy duty valve springs, titanium valve retainers, and heavy duty crankcase and cylinder studs.

There’s also a Nova Transmissions billet gearbox and clutch basket with a multistage lock up clutch and billet gear selector forks and shafts.

Timing Sheet for Turbo Hayabusa

Developed internally, the record-setting Hayabusa also uses a Holeshot Racing manifold with large custom AET turbocharger, a Holeshot Racing fuel cell, Holeshot chargecooler system with secondary radiator and electric water pump, Turbosmart blow-off valve, wastegate, and fuel pressure regulator. Electronics wise, there's also an in-house Holeshot wiring harness, LifeRacing/Syvecs engine management and data logging, and a Plex SDM550 dash.

Saving weight are BST carbon wheels, with Brembo RX calipers and a Brembo master cylinders helping bring the bike to a stop from over 270mph. Suspension comes from Öhlins, and there’s a modified swingarm with extra bracing and chain adjustment.

The team is running three identical bikes - albeit with different bodywork and modifications to suit each rider - with the other two piloted by Guy Martin and Philippe Le Peru. All three have done over 270mph.