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Suzuki Genuine Parts are engineered to exact product quality standards. That’s peace of mind.

You can buy Suzuki Genuine Parts and Accessories at your local dealership or order online on our eBay store.



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We recognised the huge demand for Genuine Suzuki Parts for Vintage Suzuki motorcycles. Whether you have a restoration project bike or you're just looking for a gasket for your RGV250 the Vintage Parts Programme will help keep your motorcycling passion alive.

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By using Suzuki Genuine Parts and servicing you can be confident that all the parts have been designed specifically for your Suzuki.

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Keep your Suzuki 100% Suzuki

Every Suzuki motorcycle is built with genuine parts. They have the optimal design and specifications tailored for your specific Suzuki model. Every part has passed Suzuki’s rigorous test standards for performance, quality, durability, safety and comfort. We recommend that you choose Suzuki genuine parts when you need to repair your motorcycle as each genuine part is the perfect match for your Suzuki motorcycle.