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GSX-R750F: Reborn from Suzuki Genuine Parts

In 2015 with restored the GSX-R750F at Motorcycle Live with 750 new Suzuki Genuine Parts and over 100 refurbished parts. Watch as we transform these parts into the iconic GSX-R750F.

As part of Suzuki’s GSX-R thirtieth anniversary celebrations in 2015, Team Classic Suzuki were on hand at Motorcycle Live last year tasked with restoring an original 1985 GSX-R750F.

Team Classic Suzuki technician Nathan Colombi headed up the restoration, taking the machine from a bare chassis to a completed bike, which was fired up on the last day of the show. Beyond the anniversary celebrations, the build was used to demonstrate the wide availability of parts that can be bought through the eBay store, which makes it easier to source parts for discontinued and classic Suzukis.

Colombi commented “there’s nothing here that the average guy on the street can’t do, with a little bit of time and care it’s possible for somebody with good skills, a bit of patience, availability of parts to end up with a result like this.”

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