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The tyres on your motorcycle are vitally important for performance and safety. We've put together the following tips and advice to help you get the most from your set of tyres, whichever brand you choose.

Important weekly safety checks

If you use your motorcycle regularly (and we hope you do!) we would recommend carrying out the following safety checks once a week or before every ride if you are an occasional rider.


Tyre Pressure

The pressure of your tyres has a bearing on how your Suzuki handles and performs, especially under braking and acceleration. Check the tyre pressures regularly against those recommended in your Owner's Manual.



Tyres will succumb to wear and tear over time and can be damaged by debris, potholes, and curbs. It is important to keep a regular check on the condition of your tyres. Things to look out for would be cuts, bulges, uneven wear, or objects embedded in the tread.



Tread is important for grip in wet conditions, so it is vital that you are aware of the minimum legal limit for your size of motorcycle.

When to change your tyres

Whether you’re commuting, touring, or simply enjoying a weekend blast, to get the best out of your motorcycle and to stay safe you need to have the right tyres. They are the component that transmits power to the road surface, helps with shock absorption and keeps you planted.

If you have got good wear from your tyres and haven’t needed to change them due to damage or punctures, it is still recommended to change your tyres every five years, if not sooner.


The three main things you’ll need to consider when choosing replacement tyres for your Suzuki are:

  • Riding style
  • Suzuki model
  • Tyre size


Armed with this information, your local Authorised Suzuki Dealer will be able to put forward a selection of tyre options from different brands and price points to meet your requirements and your budget.


How to read a tyre’s size

All tyres have writing on the side of them, which denotes the size and rating of that tyre.

For example, if your tyre displays 180/55 ZR17, the meaning behind the numbers are:

  • 180 = the tyre is 180mm wide
  • 55 = the profile height is 55% of the width
  • ZR17 = this is the rim size – in this case 17 inches


Tyres will also be marked with other information relating to, speed and load rating, direction of rotation, maximum pressure, and production date. Your Authorised Suzuki Dealer can talk you through these and guide you to get the best replacement tyres for your Suzuki.

Suzuki service promise

As you would expect, our Authorised Suzuki Dealers have an expert knowledge about the whole range of Suzuki motorcycles – both new and old. So, whether you own a modern Suzuki, or you’ve got a classic pride and joy, our Dealers can offer servicing to suit you.

In addition, our Suzuki Service Promise means that you will experience superior levels of care and leave impressed by the little extras we include as standard.

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